Appointment plus Gcal integration deletion of appointment delayed.

I created an appointment through Gcal. I confirm that the appointment is reflected in A+. I then delete the appointment in Gcal.

I hit the import and update events now button on the profile page to test that A+ removes the gcal appointment. It does not and i get the following response:

[Appointments+] No future new events are found in your Google calendar. Thus no events are imported and no updates and deletions made.

However if i now add another appointment in Gcal and hit the "Imports and Update Events Now", the previously removed Gcal appointment is now removed in A+.

Please let me know how to fix this issue so that i do not have to add a new appointment for a previously deleted appointment to be reflected.

(FYI, i have set up another user account where this is not an issue and everything is working fine.)