Appointment Plus reserving times that aren't reserved

Hello ,
Lately I've been having many problems with Appointment plus.
The latest one is that it is showing time slots as not possible to book when there is nothing booked in that spot. Gym usage appointments are solo training without a trainer and it seems that the program is saying it's not possible to use the gym when I am booked. This shouldn't be the case. It should be set up that two other people can use the gym at the same time as I am training someone. I enabled suppport so you can look and if need be modify any errors. It has become very troublesome.
Hope someone has a solution.

  • Kevin

    Now for some reason next week seems empty. I didn't do anything.
    I'll explain what I need to happen and would you all mind checking if I have things set up right.
    I can take bookings from clients fro 30 and 60 minutes. When that happens, I am no longer available.
    There are times that clients reserve spots with me that repeat, so as to keep their spot I set it up so that I am on a break on those hours so nobody else can book.
    Also there can be two other people that can use the gym at the same time that I am training a client. These are booked under GYM USAGE.
    Once two more people occupy the same time slot it should be impossible for another to book at that time.
    Making appointments repeat are a bit more tricky but if this is working well I will figure out the rest.
    Thank you for checking to see that all is working.
    I have no idea why these bugs keep appearing when really nothing has changed.
    Thanks again for verifying,

  • Kevin

    what is happening also is this and I have posted this before and we supposedly fixed the problem but it's back again.
    appointment 6923 Frank was received by Gmail notification @ 16:28 but not my site mail.
    appointment 6915 Pat Charlebois was received by Gmail notification @ 11:51 but not by my site mail
    appointment 6913 John was received by Gmail @ 11:01 but again not by my site mail.
    I thought that this was set up so that I'd receive them in both.

  • Kevin

    Good morning every one,
    Guess what? It is doing it again!! I checked my site this morning an looked ahead to the coming Monday...there should be no reservations for gym usage yet and look what it shows.
    There has to be an easier way to work with this. Between not receiving notifications for some appointments, not being able to properly control recurring appointments, and having appointments either list as busy when they are not or vice versa I must say that I am becoming frustrated. I have been using A+ for quite a while now and was pretty happy but if we can't fix these problems, I am debating just embedding google calendar into my site to make it easier.
    Lets see if we can resolve these issues this week please.
    Thank you Kevin

  • Nastia

    Hello @Kevin, I hope you are doing well today!

    Just want to make sure is the update notification is visible at your WP installation.
    At the current time you are using version. Would you please download the 1.5.6 version from the Appointments+ page. Or you can navigate to Dashboard > Updates, and updates the plugin there.

    Please note, that the multiple posts in the thread will not up it in our queue, but set it lower, because our system treats every answer as new answer.

    Please advise,

    Kind Regards,

    P.S.:@pxwm thanks you for chipping in on this ticket :slight_smile:

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