Appointment + problem

We have been using appointment + for some time now and it has worked well. Suddenly today there are dates on our calendar showing as available when they are not. And even when I add these days as an exceptional holiday, they are still showing as available. This is a disaster for us! Please get back in touch asap to tell me how to reset this. You can see what is happening on our webpage There should only be Mondays showing for Woolwich and Tuesdays only for Catford.
Thank you, Joe

  • Denitsa

    Hello Joseph,
    I hope you're doing well and thanks for your question!

    I get the following message when I try to access your site:

    The admin did not enable remote access. Please ask the user to grant access.

    Can you please re-confirm that support access is enabled as described here?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    All the best,

  • Denitsa

    Hey there Joseph,

    Thanks for getting back on this one!

    I can see you're using UpdraftPlus for your backing up. Could you try and restore just the theme files manually again and see what it does for you?

    I would also highly recommend having a staging environment for cases like this. It's considered a good practice to test new updates, installs, etc. on a sandbox site first, before importing them to your live install.

    You can read more on this here:

    Keep us posted on the results!


  • Joseph

    Thank you. This is the response I get when I tried to restore just the theme from this mornings backup.

    I am not sure what you mean by having a staging environment - we have just always backed up before updating plugins and we never had a problem before... This second snip is of how our appointments page looked straight after the plugin update - only Tuesdays should be showing as available.

    Thank you

  • Denitsa

    Hello Joseph,

    You need to click on the Delete Old Categories button that's visible on your above screenshot and then try that again. Tell me how this works!

    As for the staging site, it's nothing mandatory, it's just very good to have on hand. It is basically a clone of your site that's inaccessible to the public. It can usually be a sub-domain on your site with restricted access. This is where you can test your changes or use it for all your development. Once you have thoroughly tested your site on sandbox, you can then upload it to your live site. The changes made on the staging site won't affect your main database, files, or uploads. Having that helps us also test stuff safely if there happens to be an issue with your live install.

    Such approach is invaluable when making WP, plugin, theme, etc. updates or new installs as you can first test how those would affect your site without the concerns of breaking your live install at all and the need to revert to backups.

    If you're interested you can ask your hosting provider or check the artcile I mentoned above for further info on the subject:

    Hope this information was helpful!


  • Joseph

    Hi Denitsa

    Thank you so much! The website looks fine again. I need to find some time to learn how to restore properly and to set up the sandbox as you suggest.

    I do have one more question though. The reason for our trying to restore the backup was because Appointment+ was broken after we updated the plugin. You can see the problem in the snip I uploaded in my third email in this thread. For some reason days were showing as available even though they were not chosen in the working hours setting. Is this a bug or has something changed in the way I need to set things up?

    Many thanks again


  • Joseph

    Hello again
    We had a problem when setting up Appointment+ that the cache did not clear properly. This is still a problem and the person making a booking can see the data from the booking form before them. Please can you explain to me again how to make sure the cache clears without affecting the rest of the page or our website (which it did the first time around).
    Many thanks, Joseph

  • Rupok

    Hi Joseph,

    So sorry for the delay in response and we do apologize for this. We will try to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

    As Kasia said above, we need to export your appointments settings and setup that on our test site. If we can regenerate the same issue, we will report to our developer right away.

    And regarding the caching issue, can you please provide the booking page URL so we can see the issue live on your site? We can tell you better after we see the issue live.

    Now, to check all these, I tried to login to your site with Support Access but it's showing me the following error:

    This is an invalid access token. Please ask the user to grant access.

    Can you please revoke and grant us Support Access one more time so we can try to find the reason behind these issues and try to resolve these as soon as possible?

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you and resolving this issue as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!