Appointment + schedule shortcode typo


I thought I would try one of the new shortcodes, [app_worker_montly_calendar], in v1.3 and reading the guidance in the 'Shortcode' page I noticed the word 'monthly' had been misspelled.

Thinking this was just a typo in the guidance notes I entered the shortcode as [app_worker_monthly_calendar] but this didn't work and I had to enter as [app_worker_montly_calendar], so it would appear the word 'monthly' has been misspelled within the code.

I would appreciate if you could flag to @Vladislav so he can check and confirm


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    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for posting on the forums and bringing it to our attention.

    This TYPO is found in the below files

    00597: .app-worker_montly_calendar td {
    00603: .app-worker_montly_calendar, .app-worker_montly_calendar {
    00606: .app-worker_montly_calendar td .app-end_time {
    00609: .app-worker_montly_calendar td p {
    00614: .app-worker_montly_calendar-out {
    00617: .app-worker_montly_calendar-out ul, .app-worker_montly_calendar-out ul li {
    00622: .app-worker_montly_calendar-out ul li {
    00627: .app-worker_montly_calendar-out ul li b {

    00097: $out = '<div class="app-worker_montly_calendar-wrapper"><table class="app-worker_montly_calendar">';
    00171: $out .= '</tbody></table> <div class="app-worker_montly_calendar-out"></div> </div>';
    00180: $out = $me.parents(".app-worker_montly_calendar-wrapper").find(".app-worker_montly_calendar-out"),
    01836: $shortcodes['app_worker_montly_calendar'] = 'App_Shortcode_WorkerMonthlyCalendar';

    I have already sent a note to our lead developer @Vladislav so that he can release a fix asap :slight_smile:

    Thanks for being a great member of the community. Sending a few points your way !

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    Thanks Vlad :slight_smile:

    Steve, I have found the latest version to be working fine on my lab site hence marked the thread as resolved. Kindly let me know by reopening the thread if there is still any issue.

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