Appointment+ settings / padding


I added 30 minutes Padding "Before" and "after" for service provider Peter. I have booked a Psykoterapi session lasting 90 minutes, but no padding is added after that booking.

How to make the appointment + settings work with padding?

It shall be possible to book at any time with 15 minutes interval

If there is a booking there should be added 30 minutes padding before and after.
i.e. If there is a 90 minute booking 12.00 then the session will last from 12.00 to 13.30 but it should not be possible to book a new time before 14.00
also previous the 12 o clock booking the first available booking for 90 minute session should be 10.00

How to set this up??... I tried almost any possible setting, but obviously not the right one!!!

I have granted support access.