Appointment + shortcode = IS IT REALY WORKING?

I have now tried them all and I am very disappointed
They do not work as advertised, not for me anyway.

My previous questions about it were unanswered or answered with question by stuff, but I am still in limbo land here despite providing the answered they asked for....

So once again:

1. I set up 2 services with 2 service providers
Created 2 pages one for each
Inserted the following codes on one page

[app_monthly_schedule service="1" worker="260"]
[app_pagination month="1"]

And this on the other
[app_monthly_schedule service="2" worker="4"]
[app_pagination month="1"]

However no mater which page I am on I get only one calendar and confirmation form that is service 1 and worker 260

Where am I going wrong?
Please help sort it out

When trying to book appointment with Bozena I get confirmation and diary of gemma

[app_worker_monthly_calendar worker_id="260"]

displays empty boxes

Does any of the shortcode actually do what is claimed they do?

Anyone managed to make it work correctly or have answers?