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Something strange is happening with my Appointments+ plugin. I’ll try and explain as best as I can:

Since about 2 updates back, whenever an appointment is made via the frontend, the plugin adds records to the “Reserved by gCal” section repetitively and automatically.

When an appointment was made on 08/02/2013 for 15/02/2013 the record number was 293.

The next appointment was made on 10/02/2013 for 14/02/2013 and the record number was suddenly 2550.

Then the next appointment was made on 11/02/2013 for 15/02/2013 and the record number was 3762.

And on it goes. Four appointments later we are at record number 5144.

When I look in the Reserved for gCal section, the last record number corresponds to the record number in the Appointments Section.

I believe this is filling up my database with unnecessary data. I thought I’d leave it and that maybe it’s some minor issue that will go away with the next update or so.

Please advise.

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush

    Yes, that helps.

    Here is the thing:

    A+ checks for Gal event ID’s and does not add already imported, existing events, it only updates them if they are modified. A non recurring event’s ID never changes.

    However, in recurring events case, Google assigns new event ID’s after the first instance has been passed. For example Monday 21:00-22:00 events will take other events ID’s at Monday 21:10 (when A+ makes the first check). So those will be behaved as new events and will be added as new events to the database.

    So this is not strange, but expected behavior with current Google API rules over which we have no control.

    As these happen at 10 minutes intervals and only after recurring event’s instance has been passed and only ONE query is used to update those events on WP side, there is nothing to worry about regarding database usage.

    Please note that every additional feature, especially a powerful one like GCal sync, will need some extra resources. You cannot take without giving anything.

    Still, if you want to reduce number of imported events (default:500), you can do this by adding these codes to your functions.php of your current theme:

    // This sample reduces no of GCal events imported to 100
    function modify_gcal_max_results( $no ) {
    return 100;
    add_filter( 'app_gcal_max_results', 'modify_gcal_max_results' );



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