Appointment UI questions

Hi - As advised by Hakan we have raised a new ticket regarding some questions about the user side of this plugin. We are currently running this plugin in Wordpress 3.5 with the twenty-twelve theme and no other plugins enabled.

We are finalising the features offered in the plugin to ensure we can deliver the requirements specified by our client, and all is looking good so far and would appreciate if you could clarify the following observations:-

1. - On the calendar screen there are two dropdown lists (select a service & choose a service provider) with a 'show available times' button next to each.

a. Could you please confirm if the current functionality is that the value selected in the dropdown is only submitted to the calendar when the button to the right of the dropdown list is clicked?

If so, is it possible to automatically submit the value to the calendar as soon as an option from the list(s) is selected instead of having to click the button?

b. If a value is selected from both dropdowns and one of the 'show available times' buttons is clicked then it looks like only the value for that button's dropdown is submitted, and the value in the other dropdown is ignored. Therefore it appears you can only change one dropdown before submitting. Can you please confirm if this is correct?

If it is not possible to auto refresh as in (a) above, is it possible to have one 'show available times' button for both dropdowns so that either or both can be changed without submitting twice or input being lost?

2. When service providers have the same working hours, then the 'busy' slots work fine,
e.g. for two service providers working Mon-Fri, you can make two bookings in a given slot for 'No preference' and it turns busy automatically, with both service provider slots for the same time also turning busy.
However, when the working hours are different,
e.g. when one employee only works Mon-Thurs, it appears to let us double book the remaining service provider as follows:
- An appointment is booked for Friday with the service provider set to 'No preference', the time slot for this turns busy on the 'No preference' calendar, which is correct as only one service provider is available.
- The specific service provider who is working on the Friday is then selected.
- The time slot for this service provider is not marked as busy, so an appointment can be made for this service provider even though they are already effectively booked.
Is this something that we have set incorrectly in the Admin panel?
I can confirm it appears to work correctly if the appointment slot is made against the actual 'service provider' working on Friday.

More than happy to make some further tests if that helps.

Many Thanks