Appointment+ with cache system

I need your support to setup the cache system offered my hosting provider, siteground.

I already installed the SuperCacher plugin offered by my provider which deals with three cache levels:
1) Varnish Static Cache
2) Varnish Dynamic Cache
3) MemCache
Here I just need to know if activate all three levels or only some of them. I can also esclude some urls from the cache, but only for level 1 and 2.

I've also got a CloudFlare account with many possible settings.
And here I need to know if I can activate both and which are the best settings.

Activating everything I noticed that booking an appointment does not immediately reflect in a busy slot on the web site. So this should not be the right setup.

Thanks in advance for your help


  • Vaughan

    Hi Antonio,

    Hope you're well?

    I have no experience of these caching systems at all, so i'm not going to be of much help there, these are server level caches which is a bit beyond our expertise. however, you should only really use 1 type of cache, it serves no purpose in my opinion to have multiple caches enabled.

    Cloudflare does have lots of options, i believe minify is one of them, this can certainly be useful, but again, you should only enable one type of minify, so if you have minify on 1 system, and you have minify enabled elsewhere, then you will likely have issues.

    Varnish is very popular these days, from what I can tell though, it might be best adding the appointments page to the URL list to not cache because the plugin itself is dynamic in nature and not static content, so ideally you need changes to be reflected straight away rather than waiting for a cache expire/update period.

    Hope this helps

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