A)If I accept appointements via phones how do show sessions as not bookable,so that online users cannot select same time slots to book.
B)If I have multiple locations and I want users to be able to select a particular location for my salon,how do I do that

  • Tom Eagles

    Hi there @smartren

    a) Yes that's possible. Just click Add New link on top of the Appointments admin page and enter the fields and save the record. Please note that NO checks (Is that time frame free? Are we working that day? etc...) are done when you are entering a manual appointment. Consider entering or checking appointments from the front end to prevent mistakes.

    b) Add your +1 to this and its now been added officially as a feature request
    what you could do is call them or email them and confirm the location they choose, this could be done by adding a locations/ where are you page so they know the opttions as a temporary measure.

    Kindest Regards


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