Is there a way that I can have a service that selects 2 service providers?

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    Of course that is possible. Assign your providers to that service using “Services provided” column of “Service Providers” tab. Then free number of appointments for a particular time slot will be defined by the number of providers giving that service provided that they are working and not busy at that time slot.

    More complex assignments are possible: For example, Provider 1 and 2 serving for Service A and Provider 2 additionally serving for service B (but not provider 1).

    Or do you mean something else?



  • rwhoski
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    My situation is…

    All the appointments that my clients need to make are simple one practitioner and one client except couples massages, which is essentially two appointments booked with one click. It’s one booking that schedules two appointments at the same time.

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    It is possible to duplicate an appointment depending on a certain service:

    function assign_2_providers( $app_id ) {
    global $wpdb, $appointments;
    $app = $wpdb->get_row( "SELECT * FROM " . $appointments->app_table . " WHERE id=$app_id " );
    // Replace 2 with your real service ID
    if ( 2 != $app->service )
    $wpdb->insert( $appointments->app_table, array( 'created'=>date ("Y-m-d H:i:s", $appointments->local_time ),'name'=>$app->name, 'service'=>$app->service, 'start'=>$app->start, 'end'=>$app->end, 'note'=>'Couple for ' . $app_id ));
    add_action( 'app_new_appointment', 'assign_2_providers' );

    If you add these codes in functions.php of your current theme, it will duplicate the appointment for service with ID 2 and client will not get duplicate emails (The second one will be a kind of supplement to the original appointment). So 2 available workforce for that time slot will be occupied.

    Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the issue as it will not check that you actually need 2 providers to handle that service, *before* applying for the appointment. So, if you have only 2 providers and 1 provider is already busy for another service, A+ will still show that time slot free for couple massages service.

    As a result we don’t have a complete solution for this application.



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