[Appointments+] 1st data layer for GDPR-compliance


The Appointments+ plugin doesn't comply with the GDPR, at least it doesn't in Spain, it tells me that in other EU countries it's the same as in Spain.

It does not allow to add the complete information of the first layer of legal data.

It should look like this form that I'll give you an example.


As you can see, below the checkbox to accept the privacy conditions, there is a block of text, explaining the basic legal information.

This is obligatory in Spain, as each form in which personal data is requested must include specific conditions for the treatment of the data in that form, which cannot be used for purposes other than those indicated in this legal text.

The module, requires a new field to add all this information, to be able to be with a textarea with an editor as for example Tinymce or similar to be able to give html format to the content.

I hope you can implement this improvement as soon as possible. Our lawyers have told us that we need to fix this as soon as possible as the fines are very high and we currently include the GDPR.

This is quite important and urgent.

Thank you in advance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.