While doing the Google Calendar integration for a site, I found that this feature of Appointments+ conflicts with the Events Made Easy plugin. Just thought I’d let you know, since it took me awhile to figure it out and the Google integration is probably kind of daunting for many.

  • mary_walker
    • New Recruit

    Hakan, those are the versions that I was using. I just re-installed Events Made Easy and you’re correct; everything seems fine. My situation before was that I had Events Made Easy installed and then installed Appointments+ and wanted to do the Google Calendar integration.

    I followed the instructions to the letter (well, OK, I screwed a couple of things up the first time), but the third time through I knew that I’d done everything correctly and I was getting php errors, so I thought that perhaps there was plugin conflict. Since Events Made Easy also works with calendars, I turned that off first, Bingo! The Google calendar integration test sailed through.

    It’s possible that if I’d just re-activated Events Made Easy it would have worked as well, but anyway, it does work fine after installation. Is it possible that the installation order makes a difference? Anyway, thanks for checking into it, and thanks for a great plug-in.

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