I am using the free version of Appointments+. I heard, that the the summertime/googlesync issue is fixed in the paid version. We have written a few custom javascripts for the plugin, and customized it's visual look. Would the paid version work just like the free one, or do I have to make all the settings again? What happends to the apointments that are in the calendar?

Then another issue. This is urgent. The calendar has worked ok (except the summertime problem). Now my ISP deleted CURL from the server, and we could not sync to Google again. They restored CURL, and sync works again - with one problem. When the CURL problem was on, some appointments were made. I can not get them to sync. If I click "Import and Update Events Now", I get: "[Appointments] 0 appointment record(s) affected." All new appointments sync as before.

Any idea, what to try? Thanks!