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How can I make each pharmacist edit there own calendar and maintain there own customers through a proper client area and not through a backend style that I use. Like a plugin called wp client area?

Or how do I only let the pharmacist edit just there section which is calendar and there customers not other pharmacy customers?

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  • Hakan


    WordPress multisite installation is exactly for this.

    - Create a network of sub sites (blogs)
    - Assign each provider (pharmacist in your case) as admin. Then they can edit everything, including users on their blogs.

    You can start from here:

    We have several plugins here with which you can manage those sub sites.


  • Kishore Jassi


    Thanks for that, what i am trying to achieve is with the appointments plugin i want each pharmacist to edit there own calendar and view there own customers and not other pharmacies, this plugin dont seem to do it and i dont like it when it adds the appointments to the user section how can i have it viewable together in the appointments + section?........I give them a login and on the left bar i want to only show the appoints plugins which they work with thats do i do this?

  • Hakan


    My original answer is still valid: Install a multi site, create a sub blog for each of them and assign them as admin to their related sub blogs.

    i dont like it when it adds the appointments to the user section how can i have it viewable together in the appointments + section

    If you mean to display which time they are occupied, which time they are not in calendar form, there is an answer in FAQ:

    How can I view my planner as a service provider in calendar view?
    Create a private or password protected page and include the schedule shortcode like this: [app_monthly_schedule worker="1"]. Replace 1 with your user ID which is the same as worker/provider ID. You can also use app_schedule shortcode for a weekly planner instead, or you can use both. You may consider adding app_pagination and app_my_appointments shortcodes too.

    I hope this helps,


  • aecnu

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