Appointments+ Ability to Import GCal/iCal calendars

So I was excited to see this plugin, but it falls just short of being usable to me.

Is there a timeframe for when we can expect the ability to import our own ical or gcal calendars? As it stands, without that, I can't really use this since I have so many appointments booked throughout the week.

  • Hakan


    A+ does not support importing your appointments from GCal, but exporting them to GCal in a semi-automatic way is possible. You can use My Appointments shortcode or your profile page to do that.

    That is because GCal does not include service and service provider fields that A+ requires.

    We may consider importing to the first available service and to a non specific service provider (ID=0), but I have concerns that this can be easily misunderstood.

    In short, GCal is for your personal appointments, but A+ is not simply a personal appointments plugin.


  • digisavvy

    Thank you for the thorough explanation. I'll vote for adding this feature to the plugin. I think it would be useful for many service providers given that many already use Gcal to track their appointments/meetings. Having that disconnect between Gcal/iCal is sub-optimal, which is why services like or are valued. Don't get me wrong, I do understand what you're saying. It's just something to think about.

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