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In the Appointments Plugin I have set up notifications.

As an admin I have not received an email about a test appointment I scheduled. Does it sent the notifications to all website admins? Is there a way to specify the admin email for those notifications?

Thank you!

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hello Lacey,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    By default the plugin only sends email to admin user with ID 1, it doesn't send email to all the admins in the system. I'll have to check with the developer to see whether there is any quick workaround to send notifications to specific admins is the system. Will keep you posted in the ticket once I get an update regarding this from the developer.

    In the mean while, please make sure that you have enabled the "Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required" option under Appointments > Settings > General > Notifications

    This option will ensure the email gets send to admin, and the service provider. Does the service provider get any notifications? Or the issue only only specific to admin not receiving email notifications? If that option is already checked, and you still don't receive any emails, then please do enable support access to your site, so that we could have a better idea.

    You can grant access from WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access, or check this manual:

    Please let us know once you enable access, so that we could get this sorted. Have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Lacey
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks for the response!

    The "Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required" option is enabled.

    I don't have service providers set up because we just have one service and do not need the use of service providers.

    It may be sending emails to the ID 1 Admin, but I need them to go to another user. Please let me know how I can make that happen.

    I have granted access in the WordPress Admin.

    Thank you!

  • Lacey
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I talked with Adam on Live Chat Support. He said I could change the email used in the WordPress Admin Menu under Settings > General > Email Address. I guess it's not affected by the email addresses under the User Profiles. I was able to make the change there.


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