Appointments+ and BuddyPress Integration — Displaying services in members.php loop

Hey WPMU Team,

We are trying to have services and their prices displayed in BuddyPress' members.php loop. Our current workaround uses xProfile fields to display the services of corresponding members alongside their profile (see it in action here: ).

The big problem is that this requires double the maintenance. Service providers would set the services, but either us or they would need to manually set the "display" price separately.

Is there a way to pull services from Appointments+ directly, and display them on page? This would solve the need to set prices in multiple locations.

If this is not possible, I was thinking we could solve the problem using forms. If we have the ability to post data to both Appointments+ and the xProfile fields simultaneously, when users sign up, both fields could be set. Is this possible to do?

Any help or guidance is appreciated, thank you!