Appointments+ and Marketpress Integration Issue

I’m having an issue with the appointment booking plugin on one of my subsites for my client th**** Currently, it’s integrated with MarketPress Pro to be purchased after booking a slot. When a client goes to book the service, the Service Provider does not receive the normal Appointment Plus confirmation email notification. Nor does that specific service sync to their Google Calendar even though it’s connected correctly. This issue only occurs with the service that is connected to MarketPress. The other services, that are not purchased through MarketPress, are Free and they are working correctly. Also, they said their client doesn’t receive the service reminder email anymore. The service provider receives a confirmation notification and sessions are synced to their Google Calendar for the Free services, but not for the service purchased through MarketPress. The thing is, it was previously working though. Is there an issue with Appointments+ and Marketpress that’s not allowing the Appointment+ emails to be sent out?

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Mogul Naj,

    I just tested Appointments+ with MarketPress and the emails and Gcal all worked properly so it looks like we’re dealing with issue specific to your installation.

    You mentioned in chat that this was working for you a week ago, do you remember which changes were made around that time?

    Did you install any new plugins, switched theme, did some plugin updates, made some server adjustments, etc.?

    Have you tried disabling your other plugins and switching to default WP theme so you can test only Appointments+ and MarketPress to check if there’s any conflict on your site?

    Best regards,


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