Appointments+ and Marketpress integration problems

Good day,

I’m experiencing pretty the same problem as it was described in the post

The issue was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Appointments+ plugin. Unfortunately this is not the option for me at the moment.

The description of the problem:
I implement the single product page via schortcode [mp_product id="..." product_id="..."]

The page shows up with the name of the product, the price and "Buy now" button prior to the calendar. When I chose the time slot, the booking form of the appointments comes with the paypal button which redirects to the paypal gateway.

When I click the "Buy now" button, the product is added to the cart, but no appointment is made (of course, because I click the button prior to choosing the timeslot).

One thing, I think is worth mentioning here. In the beginnig the calendar didn't work, I was not able to click on the free time slots. That appeared to be the problem of not loading script. I have found the solution on one of the forums. So after putting the line of the code the problem was fixed

<?php global $appointments; $appointments->load_scripts_styles(); ?>

Could it be here the same kind of the problem (at least I hope so - then it would be not that difficult to fix :slight_smile: )

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance!