[Appointments+] Appointment booking solution similar to setmore.com

I have some PHP programming experience developing WooCommerce web-stores.
I am developing a Dental Practice Management App based on WP. Now I'm researching a solution for the appointment scheduling module.
The appointment scheduling WP plugins I researched so far allow our patients to book appointments (to our dental practice) themselves, directly from our website, or the admin should book from the back-end. This is not what we need.

In our case the appointments must be scheduled by the doctors or their assistants / nurses from the front-end. Now they are using Google Calendars.
So Google Calendar is a solution, but what we need extra while creating an appointment on the front-end is:

a way to choose an existent patient from the db, or to create a new patient
a way to select (from the db) a specific service that we provide

Mainly it is what setmore.com app provides. But we need to develop ourselves these features, and make them available into our app's front-end.

I researched already for days and days for a suitable plugin, but as I was saying the scheduling WP plugins I researched so far allow our patients to book appointments themselves, or the admin should book from the back-end. This is not what we need.

Could you recommend me a suitable plugin?
If I wasn't clear enough please ask me anytime for more clarifications.

Thank you

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Calin

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I must say I'm not familiar with the service that you mentioned in your post and although there's quite a lot of "booking" plugins, I"m not that well familiar with all their features. However, I think that with a little bit of customization and the use of BuddyPress our Appointments+ could do the trick. Let me explain.

    By default our Appointments+ plugin let users book scheduled appointments from front end. They can book them for themselves. There are services and service providers where an example service can be e.g. MRI session or dental check and so on and the "service provider" is a specific doctor.

    There are settings in the plugin that would let service providers (doctors) set their own working hours and also "confirm" their own appointments ("own" meaning the client booked appointment with this service provider). There's also GCal integration and that can also be set in a way that service providers can get appointments synced to their own calendars.

    However, the point is to bring that all to front and that's where the BuddyPress comes in. If you install BuddyPress, Appointments+ plugin will add "Appointments" section into the BuddyPress profile (so on front end) where a service provider can 1) see all the appointments booked for him/her 2) can confirm them (or - in other words - accept them) 3) can set his/her working hours.

    Then, there's a "booking" part. With Appointments+ you can set multiple booking pages (using shortcodes) in a way that each page will only provide booking calendar for a specific service provider, meaning that you can "give each doctor" his/her own booking page where they'll be able to make bookings for their services - from front end.

    You could also use e.g. our own Membership 2 Pro plugin to protect access to these pages so the doctors could only access booking pages for their own services.

    The last, missing, part would be "selecting users". While the booking form is constructed in a way that you can manually input data (e-mail for booking but also there can be additional fields added via plugin settings), there's no option to "choose user". This is where custom development would be required - to pre-populate the form with selectable user data. I believe this is doable though it would require custom coding which, I'm afraid, is beyond the scope of this support forum. However, in case you wanted to give it a go on your own, don't hesitate to ask and I'll be happy to consult that with our developers to give you as many tips and suggestions on how to "bite" this (in terms of hooking to A+ code) as possible.

    I think that's the road that I would take. Since you posted this in our support forum, let me know if you want me to move it to the Members forum (our "community discussions") where other Members of our Community may be able to give you some additional/different suggestions.

    Best regards,

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