appointments + appointment details

I have entered multiple services for the appointments available. however, when the "Please check appointment details..." screen comes up, it only shows the first service in the list, regardless of the service that was actually selected. Is this a bug, or did I set something wrong?


Sample User credentials:
Testuser1 / testtest1!

Please help. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Cheryl

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Yep, can see something awry with that page right off the bat: the calendar is displaying twice.

    However, the reason the 1st service is showing up in the confirmation form is likely because the client is not clicking the "Show Available Times" button. That is required to adjust the calendar for the selected service.

    If you only have one service provider, you can omit that step (and eliminate this issue entirely) by adding the autorefresh parameter to your app_services shortcode like so:
    [app_services autorefresh="1"]

    Would you please post the exact contents of your make-an-appointment page? It would really help to see the shortcode arrangement you have set up for that page.


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