Appointments+ Appointment range versus all appointments available

I purchased Appointments+ for a client and they want a very simple option for "appointment range" versus listing "all open appointments".
The client would like "on-click" to receive 4 options with a 3 hour range rather than all available times:
9:00-12:00, 12:00-3:00, 3:00-6:00, no preference

and then she would approve and place the appointment in the requested time slot.
She doesn't want clients to see her actual availability.
I've attached a sample image of what we really are looking for.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can lend with this.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Mike! Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    This isn't something we've included as of yet with Appointments. Your client could set exception hours manually each day to show the hours she's willing to see clients, but that would be a bit bulky.

    Is there a particular pattern to how she wants the blocks of appointments to show? Like only morning blocks or only afternoon blocks? Should it rely on what time the user is trying to make the appointment or when they log on? For example, say five potential clients visited your client's site on Monday, hoping to make an appointment for later in the week. What hours should they see on what days?

    I'm happy to add a feature request! I know our devs try to pay attention to what members are asking for in the forums when they plan new feature releases of our products. There's a chance we might include a tool to restrict viewing to only certain available appointment times.

    Thanks for your question.

    • Mike White

      Hi Michelle.

      Thank you for the speedy response. She prefers the ability to only use those 4 ranges each day her business is open and manually approve and enter the appointment time as they are requested. She's looking for flexibility and doesn't want her clients to see her exact availability. If 5 potential clients visited her site on Monday they should see the same time blocks available each day and click on the date range that best suits their needs and then she would assign the slot when confirming the reservation.

      The blocks she is looking for would reflect morning, mid-day and afternoon in 2 or 3 hour ranges with an option for no preference.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey Mike!

    Appointments+ is structured more for clients who know when they'll be available for appointments, but I think we can work around this. Instead of having an exact service times, you could define your services by time of day, so Morning and Afternoon, for example, and make the service several hours long.

    Since users won't be setting actual appointment times, that will come from your client, what you'll need to do is turn off auto-confirm, so your client will need to manually approve each appointment set, and move it from pending to confirmed.

    It's not perfect, but I think it would be flexible enough to meet your client's needs here.

    Thanks for your question!

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