[Appointments+] Appointment start time displays 'unknown' when editing

When editing an appointment the start time shows as 'unknown'. It used to display the correct start time. The start time does display correctly when viewing the appointment list and not editing the appointment. When the start time dropdown list is opened the times available to choose are listed in increments of 10 on the '7'. In other words, 8:27, 8:37, 8:47, etc. The times used to start on the '0' (8:30, 8:40, etc.), which is preferred.

We have also seen problems related to appointment times elsewhere. For example, when an appointment is removed the email confirmation shows a time of 12:00am instead of the correct time even though the template is correctly setup. Also, when an appointment is removed, the time slot is not opened up as available for another appointment. It remains greyed out.