[Appointments+] Appointments complex scenario

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how a complex scenario with Appointments, would appreciate your help.

This project is for a health clinic, that has rooms shared by doctors.

The front-end appointment is done by the secretary or by patients themselves.

How to design this cross-avaiablitity DOCTORS X ROOMS is the main issue to me.

1. Working hours: Clinic has it main working hours schedule - it means rooms have their fixed schedule. Doctors have their own, that are flexible and in constant change – they ajust their shedule by themselves.

2. Doctors and rooms can be combined, but never be assingned 2 appointments at the same time slot (always one room with one doctor per appointment).

3. Doctors assing themselves to rooms (for their specific procedures, they can block the rooms on the fly, based on needs and avaiability) and this combination – doctors + rooms is accessed by secretary / patients.

For them (secretary / pacients) the room doesn´t matter, it is important just for the doctors (because of specific procedures).

In Appointments I found as variables : Client (who books the time), Service and Provider. Also shared resources, locations and dummy user/dummy provider.

My first trial was treating rooms as locations and doctors as providers, then assigning a provider to multiple locations. But that didnt work, I was only able to assing a specific provider to ONE location (and doctors can use more than one room, at different times).

I tried other several combinations but so far have not been satisfied.

It seems to me much more like a car rental service or any model that depends on a finite and not simultaneous number of resources COMBINED (eg. rooms and doctors).

Rooms would be the cars, avaiable to any driver/doctor, that as a combo can be booked by a client. Both doctors and rooms can not be booked at the same time by 2 final client (the patient).

Besides that, Doctors should be able to block some cars/rooms for periods of time, as their avaiable time slots.

And secretary or even the doctors could assign this combo “specific doctor + specific car/room” to a pacient.

I will be grateful for any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

  • Dimitris
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    Hello ccbbam,

    hope you're doing good today and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    This can be set like this:
    a) Services are Rooms, each one has a Capacity 1

    b) Service Providers are Doctors, each of them is assigned to all Services (Rooms)

    You can also set Working Hours per service provider, apart from a generic schedule

    as well as Exceptions in the working days, again in general and per service provider, if needed

    You can then create a default "Make an Appointment" page from Settings -> General -> Display

    This is an actual page, which can be further edited using shortcodes (complete reference can be found here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/getting-started/appointments-shortcode-reference/)

    Hope that was some help!
    Warm regards,

  • ccbbam
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    Hi Dimitris,

    It has been a long time you guided me with Appointments, I would like to share results with you and thank you so much all insights you gave me.

    Actually, I must confess it was just a matter of limited mindset the fact I was not able to see rooms as providers and rooms time slots as services. It was easier to think about rooms as locations, what I tried hard to manage.

    I figured out I had two different situations: rooms as providers, offering their time to be booked by the human providers (doctors) as clients, then providers themselves (doctors) offering their services to be booked by final clients.

    First step: Rooms as providers, services as room hours and clients as the human providers (the doctors). The hability to create dummy users is a great plugin feature, allowing them to be added as providers. Room hours as services to be booked.

    I had two additional challenges, some providers (professionals) had fixed working hours assigned to a specific room, some were free-lancers with no previous room assignment. Also, providers had to pay for the room and room prices (services) were variable depending of time of day (morning, afternoon and night).

    First step was the most challenging, as there were several rooms, multiple schedules and variable prices. But with the great help of a mu-plugin (thanks dear Nastia and dev hero), I found a sweet spot with NO RISK OF OVERBOOKING - two or more reservations at the same time, for the same room.

    Second step was easier. Human providers (doctors), already created as users / clients, were ready to be added as providers. Their schedules were assigned on working hours tabs, based on what they have previously booked (their fixed working hours).

    The only issue so far not fully automated is when free-lancer providers (doctors) book hours on the fly. In this case, Appointments+ sucessfully block these time slots, making them unavaiable for final clients (to prevent overbooking) but this doctor´s new avaiability does not show up in his own timetable (because it requires manually editing provider working hours).

    The current solution is... secretary checks the doctor´s on the fly bookings for the room (as provider) to know if both doctor and room are avaiable, then manually completes the reservation for his consultation.

    So that´s the solution I found for my appointments complex setting!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, hope that can be helpful to some other member!

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