[Appointments+] Appointments+ not Removing Deleted GCal Appointment

After deleting a Google Calendar appointment, Appointments+ does not remove the blocked time slot…at least for a very long time. I'm having to resort to going in to Settings, and clicking on Google Calendar tab, and then clicking on "Import and Update Events from GCal".

I've activated the support tab on my website. Thank you! -Paul

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Paul

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    The GCal sync is not a “real time” sync and it’s triggered on a schedule. The plugin is setting up a WP Cron task that’s meant to be executed every 10 minutes and that task would check appointments to import/export/update them.

    I took a liberty of installing a WP Crontrol plugin on your site to check if that task is there (I’ve already removed that plugin) and I can confirm that. At the moment when I’m writing this, the nexte execution should happen in about 8 minutes from now.

    However, there are some additional aspects to it:

    – by default there’s a limit of 500 “events” that are processed “in one go” so if there’s more events to be sync, it will take more than one “passes”

    – if there’s anything affecting WP Cron performance, this would also affect this.

    Especially the latter one is important and often causes delays. WP Cron is heavily depending on the traffic that site gets and the less traffic and the more “background tasks to be fire at the same time”, the less accurate it is – it’s not uncommon that some scheduled tasks are sometimes “skipped” until the next or even later run.

    It might also be affected if there’s some server-side cache, especially Varnish is very “hard” on that. so it’s worth checking – if you got any server side cache enabled you might want to try to disable it and see what’s happening.

    That said, you said “very long time”. Does this mean that these delays are longer than 10 minutes? On average, how long would be such delay that you observed on the site?

    Best regards,


  • Paul
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you, Adam! I’ve run another test, this morning, and this time it took only 7 minutes to remove! On prior tests, I was not able to determine the length of time…certainly, more than an hour…maybe even several hours if ever. Varnish was on during my test this morning, unknowingly to me…Bluehost must have turned it back on at some point. ..hmm… It’s off now. As far as traffic goes, we get very little traffic.

    I appreciate your feedback…that and I now see the removal of a GCal appointment by Appointments+, automatically…makes me feel a lot better. Thanks again!


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