[Appointments+] Appointments Plugin - Memory Issues

Hello Support, I am hoping you can help
I am migrating a customer to a new server and as part of that process wanted to upgrade the appointments plugin - currently running Version 2.0.2 with a few of customisations. I have upgraded to the latest version on my development server and more often than not i get the dreaded PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1073741824 bytes exhausted - as you can see i have actually been increasing the memory limit and its now at 1GB but still falls over, i noticed from monitoring that it sucks all resources from the CPU aswell. if i put the old version 2.0.2 on my dev box it runs fine, going to 2.4.0 and the whole thing collapses. I have been through and disabled plugins etc but nothing seems to help. I would appreciate it if you could provide some guidance on what to try to get this running properly / reliably. I have also tried 2 different hosting providers (all through cloudways) - both Linnode and digital ocean.

Many Thanks

  • Huberson
    • Recruit

    Hello Nigel
    Although you seem to have more than enough memory allocated for PHP so the plugin can run without memory allocation error, WordPress memory limit appears to be 40MB.

    Appointments+ should be able to run properly with 40MB without throwing the "Allowed memory size of # bytes exhausted" error. But since you have other active tools using that memory, try to increase that to 128(up to 512MB).
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M');

    If you still get that memory error after adding that, it's likely part of the plugin code was corrupted, or something due to some customization.
    Make sure you have all other plugins deactivated(including mu-plugins files commented/renamed), switch to a default theme like 2017, then comment any custom code from APP+ and test again see if you still get the issue.
    You can also rename Appointments+ folder, install a fresh copy on the site to check rather you get the same issue.


  • Nigel
    • New Recruit

    Hi Huberson
    So i did as requested - and tried a variety of setting for the WP Memory Limit - alas it still fell over.
    I have also tried with a new theme (Twenty Seventeen) and again the current month loads, but when i select next month it all goes horribly wrong and eventually exhausts the memory.

    I can confirm its a clean copy of appointments (directly from WPMUDev dashboard)

    I also cleared the MU Plugins folder of any custom code.

    One thing i did notice is when i am in the appointments backend and i edit an existing appointment the time comes up as "Not Known"

    Appreciate your assistance
    Kind Regards

  • Nigel
    • New Recruit

    Hi Huberson
    I suspect there is some database corruption or we have too many services and workers in the system. I cleared the appointments database and it all started responding without any issues. We have some 30 Services / 3 Service providers and 300+ appointments in the system. I will start from scratch and see how i get on.
    Thanks for your help.

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