[Appointments+] Appointments+ time zone adjustment

Since I do consulting and work with clients in many different time zones, I can't use a booking solution that doesn't accommodate for different time zones. I've been told it's impossible for Appointments+ to do this unfortunately. It would be great if this could be added, as it seems to otherwise do exactly what I need it to do.

  • Tony G

    This is interesting. I'm embarrassed to say I never thought about using Appointments+ for my own scheduling until I saw this request. I have international clients and prospects as well, and would require this feature to coordinate meetings and demos. Though I understand that this plugin was designed more for local service offerings like haircuts or car repair.

    I use the Doodle service for scheduling appointments. It's free for everything I need, has premium offering, and has an API which might be used for integration with WordPress. (There might already be a plugin for that.) I offer this as an alternative to code changes to Appointments+.

    Christian, I'll encourage you to consider getting a developer who can enhance the plugin with the feature. I'm not qualified to do this work and am not soliciting. I'm suggesting that this would be a next step toward getting what you want if the author/developer here doesn't have this on the radar.

    • Christian

      Thanks for the feedback Tony. I've used ScheduleOnce for this, and it works great. I will check Doodle as an alternative as appreciate you mentioning that. This stuff is always changing.

      Yes, it appears Appointments+ is meant for locally-based businesses. Which is fine. When I saw that WPMUDev offered an appointment setting app, I was excited to hopefully take advantage of that. But alas, it's not viable at the moment.

      In my experience having a cloud-based solution has been a godsend. It alleviates the endless back and forth, trying to find a time, especially when there are multiple people involved. When I book a call with people in AU for example, a lot of times Wednesday actually means Thursday lol. It can get really confusing.

      • Tony G

        Oh yeah, you'll love Doodle for this specific application.
        Here's a 5 minute video to explain the concept, and there are more on that page.
        There are only two issues I've found, neither of which are with the service itself.
        1) People don't like the name "doodle". ... whatevah :weary:
        2) People are unfamiliar with the concept and it takes a few minutes to get them up to speed, while you're in the process of simply trying to schedule an appointment. So initially the emails about "I'm not available at this time, how about then", but about "what is this?".

        It's a tiny investment of time but well worth the effort.


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