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Hiya – so we run some tennis teams – but what I want to do is send out a mailshot with lists of events in a calendar and then have people say whether they are able to play that match or not e.g. like an appointment with slots but we only have 4 and want to see how many are available tp play it e.g. 6 and then allocate the 4 who are playing to it ….

Is this possible within any of your modules?

I could see how doing it in a form could achieve this with a poll result thing but just tring to think around the problem a bit.

Thanks Olly

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Olly

    I hope you’re well today!

    I’m not sure if I correctly understood the goal but I think that our Events+ plugin could be of help:


    The main purpose of the plugin is to let you create a list/a calendar of events (both “once off” and “recurring if you need). What I’m thinking is:

    – first create your tennis events in a plugin

    – make sure that these events are set to open and don’t limit capacity (by default it’s not limited)

    – using any mailing method you wish, just send a message to people with a link either to the calendar view or a list of events, explaining that by clicking “I’m attending” they are submitting that their “ready to play” so they need to do it if they actually want to play; (we can remove other buttons – “maybe” and “no” – with some CSS if necessary).

    – once the time for submission is over, go to event edit screen in back-end and in the “RSVP box there simply remove attendance for those you don’t want to “allocate” to the given event

    – then set the event to “closed” so it would be visible but there won’t be an option to “join” it

    And that’d be pretty much it. You could then send a message to those “accepted” players but also you can just enable RSVP notification and the plugin would automatically remind them about the event in advance.

    Would that work for you? If I missed or misunderstood something, let me know please.

    Best regards,


  • Olly
    • Flash Drive


    This pretty much nails it – only trouble is …. I notice when you press I am attending , they have to sign in to confirm it – is there no way this can be made pubic ie a secret url is sent to members for them to confirm and they just add their email address and contact info accordingly?

    We’re just trying to implement a simple yes I can do it no I can’t …

    signing in etc they just won’t use it …

    Cheers Olly

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Olly

    The plugin has to know “something” about user in order to be able to set attendance/RSVP list. There’s no way to set any sort of a “secret link” but there’s an add-on that allows to RSVP with e-mail only.

    You can enable it on “Events -> Settings -> Add-ons” page, just search for “RSVP with email address” on the list. With this add-on enabled a user will only have to click “I’m attending” and then provide an e-mail address.

    The only downside is that it actually does create an account for user automatically – so it’s simpler because user doesn’t have to register and login but the next time they want to RSVP using the same e-mail they’ll be asked to log in.

    Kind regards,


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