Appointments+ – Available times not showing up on calendar

I’m working on a client’s website and I’m using the Appointments+ plugin. You can see the page I’m having issues with here…

The problem I am having is that it’s not showing any available appointment times on the calendar for clients to choose from. It was working until I set it up to use the Google Calendar API.

I have tested the Google Calendar settings out and it does indeed add a test appointment to my Google Calendar so I know it’s working just fine and there are no issues with the way Google Calendar is setup.

On my Google Calendar I setup available (marked them as Available too) time slots from 7am to 9:30am from Monday through Saturday. I then imported the events via Appointments+ and it says it imported 313 events.

Sure enough, I don’t see any free times (like there should be) on the Appointments+ calendar. I also set the working hours in Appointments+ for the same times as Google Calendar but still nothing. What could I be doing wrong?