Appointments+ Available Times Not Updating

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Click on a Service Provider and a Date and you will see that the Available Times does not update with available sessions to book.

Now click on "Next Month" and you will see that the "Show Available Times" option has disappeared and when ever you select a Service Provider the available times update correctly as you select the dates.

Now click on "Previous Month" and you will see that it is now working fine.

So when the appointment scheduler first loads, I cannot get it to show available times unless I first click on Next Month and then select Previous.

How do we fix this please?

Kind regards


  • Alexander

    Hi @Andrew,

    I've taken a look, and I believe this has to do with the nature of your theme. Rather than reloading the page, your theme is dynamically serving new content into an existing page.

    This often works well, and allows for more dynamic sites, but you risk not being compatible with plugins that use AJAX heavily like Appointments+

    First, could you try temporarily switching to the TwentyThirteen theme? Then test the page. This will allow us to quickly determine if the theme is the issue. From there we can look at what solutions might be available.

    Also, can you go into Appointments+ settings and ensure that the built in cache is disabled?

    Finally, can you let me know what shortcodes exist in your appoointments page?


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