Appointments+ Blank Page on Settings Update


Would appreciate some help with this issue regarding Appointments+

Two issues (perhaps related).

1) In Appointments>>Settings .. Adjust a setting under Service Providers or Services and commit the change by clicking the Save button … and … the page doesn’t refresh – just goes to a Blank White Page.

If the browser back button is clicked, the page redisplays and its apparent that the setting was committed but the page did not refresh. (This is confusing for users).

2) We use MarketPress in addition to A+ to add appointment bookings to a cart. This has been working fine, but now when an Appointment date/time is selected, the Appt form filled in and user clicks the “Please Click Here to Confirm this Appointment” , the Appt is NOT added to the cart – just get a “spinner” icon that spins and spins.

Note that in Appointments>>Settings>>General, the “Auto-add appointments into cart” option is selected under the MarketPress payment settings.

Oddly – this all worked until recently. No setting adjustments made on this end. Not sure if the problem began after a plugin update or not.

NOTE: I have activated SUPPORT ACCESS on the site.