Appointments+ Booking fieldset for single service does not show?

I want to show individual service schedules and booking on their respective pages (all services have their own page as single posts of a custom type, so the template content is in a loop). However when I click the time slot I want to book, the frameset for booking confirmation does not load (it is loaded on page, but the js event that shows the fields when clicking on the timeslot does not happen). Why?

Code looks like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[app_schedule notlogged="Du måste vara inloggad för att kunna boka lokalen" logged="Välj en ledig tid för att boka lokalen" service="2" title="<h3>Bokningar från START till END</h3>"]');

       echo do_shortcode('[app_pagination]'); ?> </div>
       <div class="confirmation"> <?php
	   echo do_shortcode('[app_confirmation title="Bekräfta din bokning"]'); ?></div>

The service id is hardcoded for convenience atm.

The page in question:
(I temporarily disabled login requirement to book, so you can test).