Appointments+ calendar within pop up pro is not clickable

Hi there,
Here I am playing again with some great WPMU plugins.
I've inserted the short codes from the Appointments+ page (auto created) within a Pop Up Pro popup.
Looks nice but... The calendar is not clickable for some reason:
What you see on the screenshot is displayed by default and I can't click an other date or select a time slot.
Here are the short codes inserted:

[app_my_appointments]<br />
[app_services]	[app_service_providers]<br />
[app_monthly_schedule date="2014-09-01"]<br />

Here is a link to the sample page:
Am I doing something wrong? May be it is not supposed to work at all?

I've granted access if you need a closer look. Site is not public yet (supposed to be on Monday but seems compromised...)
Please advise,

    • Julien

      Hi Michelle,
      Indeed, especially for the widget area.

      Then I came up with the fact that there is no reason for short codes not to work in a standard pop-up plugin, right? If so, no need to integrate the pop-up option within Appointments+.

      But as you can tell it is not so easy :wink:

      By "auto created" I mean Appointments+ short codes coming from the auto created "Make an appointment" page.

      The whole thing seems so close to work, I hope we could find a solution for that.
      I really think having this feature working could be a differentiator for this plugin on the market. Making an Appointment would be like filling a contact form in 3 clics, without leaving the current environment the user is consulting.

      Please let know how it goes and thanks again for your help,


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Julien,

    Hope you're doing well today! Thanks for your interest in this. I think this would be a great feature as well.

    I'm going to go ahead and flag this as a feature request so the developer is notified. Not sure if that's what happened in the previous feature request you made on this, but sending the dev two flags on this one wouldn't hurt right :p

    In the meantime, let us know if you have any further questions Julien.

    Look forward to hearing back!


  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi @Julien,

    good news for you (and your client): We have checked the complications between both plugins and found the source:
    Appintments shortcodes will only generate the HTML code but not include required JavaScript. The JavaScript was output inside the page footer (which is not generated when you use any Ajax loading method)

    We could find a way to include the JavaScript correctly in the PopUp plugin and will add this feature in!
    However, the Appointments+ plugin is quite complex and we'd like to further test the changes before releasing the new version...

    There is a workaround in the current version that will get the Appointments+ Shortcodes working:
    1. Set the Loading Method to "Page Footer"
    2. On every page add the shortcode "[app_confirmation]"
    Add this to your theme functions.php:

    add_filter( 'the_posts', 'appointments_scripts', 9 );
    function appointments_scripts( $posts ) {
    	// Auto-add [app_confirmation] to every page.
    	@$posts[0]->post_content .= '[app_confirmation]';
    	return $posts;

    Let us know if this solution works for you or if you have any other issue with the Appointments+ plugin!

    Thanks, Philipp