Appointments+ calendar within pop up pro is not clickable

Hi there,
Here I am playing again with some great WPMU plugins.
I've inserted the short codes from the Appointments+ page (auto created) within a Pop Up Pro popup.
Looks nice but... The calendar is not clickable for some reason:
What you see on the screenshot is displayed by default and I can't click an other date or select a time slot.
Here are the short codes inserted:

[app_my_appointments]<br />
[app_services]	[app_service_providers]<br />
[app_monthly_schedule date="2014-09-01"]<br />

Here is a link to the sample page:
Am I doing something wrong? May be it is not supposed to work at all?

I've granted access if you need a closer look. Site is not public yet (supposed to be on Monday but seems compromised...)
Please advise,