Appointments+: Concurrent Timeslot Display - (Show Timeslots times by * Services Providers)

Hi there,

On my website I want my users to be able to book one of the football pitches we have at our facility.

I have setup the 'Service' as 'Football Pitch' & the 'Service Provider' as 'Pitch 1', 'Pitch 2', etc...

What I want to do is display all of the available times for all of the pitches concurrently. So, the user selects a date and see's something like the following:

<tr><td>Pitch 1</td><td>Pitch 2</td><td>Pitch 3</td><td>Pitch 4</td></tr>

Essentially, I just want to display the number of timeslots four times.

Is this possible?

If so, please could you explain a little about how I might go about doing it - I have some coding experience and FTP access.