Appointments+ confirmation email not coming to correct user


You have been granted access to my WPMUDEV dashboard in case you want to go and have a look at this problem.

I have 7 hairdressers who are set up as service providers, providing various services. They are all set up as dummies. In the Settings>general tab the dummy service providers are assigned to user "Painswick Hairdressers and Barbers". This user does not have any services assigned to it as it is, in effect, the reception at the hairdressers, and the idea is that all emails should go straight there.

SO far so good, except for that when an appointment is actually booked by a client, the "An appointment requires your confirmation" email comes to the main site admin email rather than being sent to the receptionist on the email set up in the user profile for "Painswick Hairdressers and Barbers"

I am rather confused, as I thought that was the whole point of dummy service providers, and that this is how it is supposed to work. Obviously I don't want all the emails coming to me whenever anyone makes an appointment, as they should go to the salon!!!

I would be grateful for a quick response to this as we are supposed to have already gone live but I have spent all day trying to get this working!

Many thanks (also I have my other post still waiting a reply, but this one is far more important)