Appointments+ Conflict With WooCommerce in Wordpress 3.5.1 Dashboard


When having both the Appointments+ and WooCommerce plugins active at the same time, I get a few bugs in the Wordpress dashboard:

1. The "Screen Options" panel doesn't work.
2. The 2nd level left admin menu won't show. When I hover over a category (appearance, settings, etc.) the 2nd level doesn't show.

I have several other plugins and, after extensive testing, have narrowed it down to these two plugins. When either of these two plugins are active individually, I have no issues, only when they're both active.

I'm using WP Multisite 3.5.1 and have created a super admin account for you:
Username: ...
Password: ... (removed for your safety)

I have also sent this same support request to the WooCommerce developers.

Thank You!