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My Client has an existing google calendar that her client appointments come into from a different program. I have been in contact with this other software company and they do not seem to use a client ID or service account for this calendar. I can only get the calendar ID from google. I need to connect to this specific calendar to syn with appointments coming from the other software to ensure only available appointments are booked on the website.

Can you give me any guidance on how to set this up in your Appointments+ plugin please??

Thanks heaps
Lisa Taylor
Your Website Manager

  • Vaughan


    if it's their main google calendar, then it's not possible, you have to use a different calendar to your main calendar, as syncing to main calendar can take days so isn't practical.

    to setup the gcal API, you need to follow the instructions on the google calendar page by clicking the little blue i.

    this will give you instructions on setting up the API and getting the service account set up.

    unfortunately there is no other way to sync calendars without setting up a service account and API.

    hope this helps

  • Lisa

    Thanks Vaughan,

    I have followed these instructions previously and they create a new calendar perfectly - the issue I have is that there is already a secondary calendar created (not the main calendar) and I need to link to this calendar not a new one I create.

    I have tried just entering the ID of this calendar - but this does not seem to be enough with the gcal API I have created. The other calendar does not seem to have API information attached that I can access in the service area.

    Maybe I need the other software to connect to my newly established calendar - might try that.


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