Appointments+ - 'Create an Appointment Page' and 'Create an Appointment Product Page&

I just setup a new WP site on my localhost to test changing around some Appointment settings for a client, to see if it is going to work they way they want and its a fresh install (WP 3.7.1, Appointments+ 1.4, and Marketpress 2.8.9 are the only things installed). Settings on the my localhost should be fine as I have 4 other test sites running 2 with Appointment+ and they are all working fine...

Would there be a reason why the plugin can't make the 'Make an Appointment' page, or the product page 'Appointment'?

  • OKeefeOnline
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    {bangs head} Never mind... Looks like I was trying to generate both items at once, I couldn't make the Appointments Page while I had the MarketPress integration enabled, and when I was generating both items at once with MarketPress enabled, it was creating nether...

    Once I only generated the Product Page with MarketPress enabled it worked..
    Or alternatively I could turn off the MarketPress functionality and it would generate the Appointment Page on its own fine...

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