Appointments created outside working hours

I have Appointments available between 1pm and 3pm, but one of the visitors registered at 7pm. How can that be possible and how can I prevent it?

  • Majid
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    Hello WPMuse
    I hope you are doing fine today :slight_smile:

    It seems like the issue is related to the timezone and Daylight saving specially, I tried to replicate your setup in my WordPress install but the issue didn't appear, so I went ahead and changed your site timezone from Chicago to UTC-5, which is your current time there and it seems to be working correctly, so somehow the plugin wasn't pulling that 5 hours difference that's why the appointment booked at 2PM showed up as if it's at 7PM.

    The issue with keeping it UTC-5 instead of Chicago, is that you will have to put it back to UTC-4 when the daylight saving time is removed.

    Now since I wasn't able to replicate this on my end, I would suggest performing a plugin conflict test because there could be another plugin that uses the timezone and messing them up.

    The steps to a plugin conflict test are quite clear:
    1. Create a backup to the site using Snapshot Plugin
    2. Disable all the plugins except for Appointments
    3. Check if the issue is resolved.
    4. if it resolved, then you need to start enabling the deactivated plugins one by one and check everytime.

    And please let us know in a reply the outcome of the test.
    Thank you :slight_smile:


  • WPMuse
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    Thank you Majid! Will run the test... While the Daylight saving time thing sorta makes sense, this did happen with an appointment from last week -- before the time change. But, I did get appointments reflecting the correct time before that... So a conflict makes sense -- but here again I haven't added anything recently that uses timezones.

    Will let you know what I find out if there is anything to report. Appreciate you! :wink:

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