Appointments+ Default Currency and Site Currency

I've installed Appointments+ on a test site, without it collecting payments for now. The appointment confirmation screen is showing the price as "10 AUD" and there doesn't seem to be a setting in General to adjust this. How do I change the currency on an individual site, and is it possible to set a default across the network?

  • Techtomic
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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your reply, when I create the service the price is just a number, no mention of currency. I haven't configured any payment gateways, I set it to online payment not required. I can't find any site currency settings anywhere :disappointed:

    Cheers, Tom.

  • Techtomic
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    Can that be fixed in future? Our clients (at least to start with) won't be taking payments online, so they really need to be able to set the currency independently of the unused payment gateway. Switching payment gateway on then off seems a bit clunky (and not documented, so would cause support issues).

    I guess the easy fix (though not so elegant) would just be to lose the AUD tag from the confirm screen for now, consistent with the service set up screens which don't specify currency. Really though I'd suggest the set-up tutorial should guide the administrator to set their currency.

  • Hakan
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    If you are not collecting payments, why don't you simply enter service prices as zero? Then price field will not be shown at all.

    There must be a default currency and it is USD, not AUD:

    'currency'					=> 'USD',
    	$this->options['currency'] = 'USD';

    Probably you accidentally changed the currency.

    So I don't see anything to be fixed here.


  • Techtomic
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    I didn't accidentally change the currency. I just tried again with a new site, and clicked through the tutorial without making any changes. The default price was 1, and when I try it from the front end the confirm screen says 1 AUD. Even if the default came through as USD it's equally wrong for 80% of our users.

    The workarounds both require users coming to us for support to fix this. Either to be told not use pricing and create price list pages manually, or to go in and enable e-commerce, change currency, disable e-commerce, save settings, repeat.

    To me, the solution is to move the currency selector up from within the collapsible Payment Required block to just above it, so you select currency then whether payment online is required.

    Cheers, Tom.

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