Appointments + Default working hours

I am using the plugin for 100+ individuals. Is there any way to limit a provider's access so that they can only set their own exceptions, hours, etc. I am worried someone (I am sure actually) will not set the service provider and make changes to "No specific provider".

And if they do that, will it change other providers info?

I am also having an issue where I have the working hours set from 6am to 10:30pm. I have all days set as "no" to working. Then each provider will make an exception for the days they want to work. However the make an appointment screen only shows 8am to 5:30 pm as available appointment slots. It doesn't show the working hours until 10:30pm.

(I do see that if I set all days to yes for working and define the exception as days they don't work, the slots work. This is not how they want to define the schedules though. They want all days to be non-working and then they will choose which days to work as an exception.)