Appointments+ Deletes GCal entries on recurring events

Urgent and excruciatingly annoying issue. Ive created a number of recurring appointments in GCal. Once you sync <-> next month's appointments stay fine but next week and the week after lose 75% of their appointments in GCal. This only happens following async with A+. I've stopped the sync, removed all GCal imported entries, completely deleting them and then clearing cache and issue persists. I set all my recurrances from Never to End 12-31-13 and issue recurred. I have 52 appts/week minimum and hit the 500 event threshold within less than 10 weeks.

I suspected this threshold was causing the issue but for that to be the case, it would have to be importing future dates then near dates which makes no sense. In either case, I am extremely displeased with having to recreate my google appts over and over and over again as this continues to recur.

I need help with this right away please.