Appointments+ Different Appointment Locations?

My client gives lessons at different locations based on the day of the week. Example: On Monday he is in city A. On Tuesday he is in city B. What would be the best way to set this up? One service provider who offers different services with each service being a different location? Or, different service providers with each service provider being a different location?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Tony,

    Hope you're well?

    I would create services for different locations myself.

    Then use the following shortcode, replacing [app_services] shortcode

    [app_required_service_locations autorefresh="1"]

    now it should force a user to choose a location before they see the services list. the services list will then only show the services in that location rather than one long list.

    Hope this helps

  • will_brooke8
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Also attempting to do enable the same configuration, and as mentioned, this shortcode does not work...
    (yes the locations add-on is on)

    As our scenario only has one service provider at the moment, i created a second dummy provider with the second location and scheduled working days. This means that the appointments page needs to allow the user to select a location first, then select a service or time... ideally this would work with the ajax interface....

  • will_brooke8
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Sure Vaughan; However, I have spent time searching for a solution to this exact problem... and it was expressed most precisely by Tony. It doesn't make a lot of sense to duplicate the QUESTION, when there is the potentially already a SOLUTION that has been arrived at for this scenario... If I create a new question thread, then the next person who searches for this problem, will then have to sort through multiple threads... Can we not post the solution to this issue in the thread where it originated? Doesn't that make more sense?

    EDIT: Infact, when I go to post a new topic, the system presents me with this exact thread as the first instance of a potential community based answer. Based on that, it really makes sense to have the answer available in this thread. If Tony has had his issue dealt with, I am certain he can unsubscribe from the topic...

  • will_brooke8
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Tony, I did find a solution!

    Worker locations doesn't really work, certainly not as described, or as we would expect for our situation. But service locations does.

    Heres what I did:

    Add Worker2 user in the main WP user area (can use type code to get a distinct email that will still send to you in a pinch... skip verification. The +cityB gets add as an x-header, but doesnt impact mail delivery. or you can add some periods in the "worker1email" part, gmail ignores periods.)

    A+ Addons: turn ON "Locations", "Service Locations" and "Worker locations"
    A+ main settings page, configure Dummy worker emails to go to Worker1
    Create locations CityA, CityB

    the key part:
    Create Services 1-N, ASSIGN EACH to CITYA <-- "City A Services Set"
    Create Services N+1-X, ASSIGN EACH to CITYB <-- "City B Services Set"

    Create Worker1, Set location to CityA, set services to "City A Services Set"
    Set worker2 to be a DUMMY user, set location to CityB, set services to "City B Services Set"

    Assign workign hours appropriately (in my case Worker 1 = Mon, Tues (CityA), Worker2 = Wed-Fri (CityB)
    create/modify your booking page.

    [app_required_service_locations autorefresh="1"]
    [app_monthly_schedule long=1]
    [app_pagination step=1 month=1]

    That seems to work.

    Sadly, the AJAX [app_combo] wrapper does NOT work, because there is no AJAX code for [app_required_service_locations] shortcode...
    It'd be really nice if WPMU team could create an [app_required_worker_location refresh=1] type shortcode that worked as we expected, and further, if all of this could work with the AJAX mode...

    Hopefully this helps you or someone else in the future.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Will - I just tossed you some rep points, this is fantastic. I like to think I can make Appointments+ do a lot of fancy things, but this is a fantastic fix. I'm bookmarking this to share with members in the future. Really fantastic work here!

    Thanks for letting your thread get hijacked, Tony, I think this was a delightfully unexpected result.

    Everyone have a great week!

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