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I want to achieve the following scenario using Appointsments+:

We have different companies which should be able to book timeslots for the specific days that we are in their company.

So there should be a user group "Company A" which should only be able to see the "Company A" events / timeslots and not "Company B" events / timeslots as this is a major privacy issue.

So timeslots should be variable per company / usergroup and the Appointments sites only after login.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Kind regards,

  • Vaughan

    Hi @oliver,

    This wouldn't be possible straight out of the box.

    You can use the shortcodes and with configuring different providers & services.

    So for example:

    Create a page for Company A

    Then create your providers & services, then assign specific services to specific providers.

    So Service A assign to provider A

    Service B assign to provider B

    Then on each providers page use the following shortcode.

    [app_services worker="1"]

    The above will then show only services that are assigned to Provider ID 1

    [app_service_providers service="1"]

    The above will then only show providers that offer service ID 1

    You will then need to protect those pages so only certain members can view each page.

    You can use a plugin such as membership to protect pages, so only users in a specific membership level can view Provider A page. then have a different membership level which allows access to the provider B page.

    Of course those users would need to register on your site, otherwise there would be no way to determine which company they are from.

    So this method would require that you create access levels for each company, and users will need to register & sign up for the company they belong to.

    Another alternative would be to do the above, but instead, use a plugin such as Buddypress, which would allow you to create private groups for each company & the admin of each group could then add their appointments page to each group.

    Hope this helps

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