Appointments+ Dummy Service Providers

This is the second install of Appointments+ I’ve done and I thought I had the Dummy Service Provider setup straight in my head. I guess I don’t.

We have a Coach who is available early in the AM for a 2 hour block of Swim training (Service called: One on One training ID-01) Monday, Wed and Friday from 5am to 7am most days, but somedays that schedule is cut to 1 hour.

To handle this we have setup two dummy service providers (both assigned to the Coach). DSP1 is available for the 5am to 6am shift and DSP2 is available for the 6am to 7am shift. I thought this strategy would allow us to assign an “exception non working day for either DSP1 or DSP2 when the coach only wants to be available for a single bookable hour, on the odd day.

If I assign DSP1 OR DSP2 to the service (One on One training ID-01) – the Appointments availability calendar displays as expected. BUT if I assign BOTH DSP1 and DSP2 to the service, the calendar displays BUSY for the entire week (Monday through Friday). This is despite the fact that DSP1 and DSP2 are the only providers assigned to this service and they only work one hour each Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Either I am totally misunderstanding the proper way to configure Dummy Service Providers, or something else is awry. I have read through all the FAQ’s, and searched the support forums extensively – now I’m at a loss.

(I have also disabled all other plugins to see if it is a plugin conflict. It is not).