Appointments+ editing apps resets time & displays unknown

When adding an appointment via the front-end form, we went to wp-admin to edit the appointment & manually change the status from pending to confirmed.

However, when we edit the appointment, the Time field says Unknown, and when we change status to confirmed, if we don't notice the time field, this messes up the appointment schedule when saving. It should display the time as selected on the confirmation form.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Austin Ginder,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have checked your site but I'm not sure if I follow all the steps correctly.

    I went to /schedule-service-apt page on a staging site, selected booking slot on Sept 3rd at 8.30 am and confirmed a booking. I then went to the back-end and found that appointment (created on 2018/08/28 07:35:14), clicked on "See details and Edit" link for it and changed its status from "Pending" to "Confirmed" and saved.

    The status was changed the appointment is still properly set to be on Sep 3rd at 8.30 am just like I booked it, all the data there is proper. I also double-checked if booking shortcode on the page are as they were initially reported on the chat (not changed/adjusted ones) and they seem to be.

    Did I miss any step or should I test a different "booking page" maybe? Please advice!

    Best regards,

    • Adam Czajczyk
      • Support Gorilla

      Hello Kieran

      Thank you for referring to that report. However, please let me handle this case separately as I'm not that sure if this is the very same problem. It certainly looks the same based on the description but I couldn't replicate this on Austin's site which means that it might need some additional steps or, after all, is something slightly different.

      As for your bug report, I have messaged plugin's lead developer asking to update us on the status of this. Please keep an eye on the original ticket of yours and either I or one of my colleagues will update it as soon as we got a feedback from him.

      Kind regards,

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