Appointments+ Eliminate Calendar Altogether

Hey guys.

So I know full well that this is outside of “regular” support, but I’d appreciate a little help — from support, from the community, from whomever feels qualified. :slight_smile:

Because my service providers have extended profiles which customers can search, I’ve created a custom search engine and booking system using App+ as the base. I’m pretty happy with it, but because I’m dependent on shortcodes, I have to display a clickable calendar AFTER the customer has entered their search date and time.

I’ve managed to compile everything into an array that seems to match the arguments appointments_insert_appointment requires:

user: 106
name: JBDtest
phone: Array
address: 445 W. 54th St #5A, Array
city: New York, NY 10019
worker: 79
price: 15
date: 2016-04-16
time: 22:00
created: 2016-04-12 11:43:26
note: Notes: ** Lessons Requested: piano ** Borough: manhattan ** Neighborhood: midwest
status: pending
duration: 60

I have left “service” blank because I’d rather not require a specific service, but I can sort that out if I have to, also.

I’d hoped that just including the “class-app-appointment.php” file and calling the function with a click would do it… but, alas (and no surprise), no luck.

Obviously, the goal is to have the user click a “Book Now” button and to have the appointment book and the PayPal charge be processed, etc.