Appointments+ emails not working again

I have had this same issue before and it was resolved though I'm not sure how. I believe the developers worked on things in the plugin code as I was made aware that the emails were working again by the client and not WPMU staff. Basically, the PayPal confirmation emails are being received when appointments are booked, but the email stating which barber is to perform the service and what time are not being received. This is a pretty serious issue since not knowing what time a client's appointment is can cause clients to be double booked which in turn makes my client's barbershop look bad, which in turn makes me look bad as I am their web developer who is supposed to make sure the features that are critical to their business are working. I have granted support access which is active now and all plugins are updated. In the mean time I think I may need to look into a service such as Schedulicity to recommend to my clients that need online booking as I have another client that uses them without these issues. I love all of the other WPMU plugins I use and have been very happy with you guys in general, but at this point I just need this feature to work more than anything else. Thanks for any help once again.