Appointments+ Events+ Conflicts/Issues??

I have a use case where we need to install and setup both Events+ and Appointments+ on a single WP installation. Our client needs to book appointments for single one-on-one sessions, but also schedules and manages events that are open to a number of individuals for bookings. (There is typically only one service provider - but - in some cases there may be an extra coworker providing services.)

We have used Appointments+ with good success, in the past. But, we have yet to utilize Events+.

Our plan is to utilize both plugins, Events+ and Appointments+ for the client, so my question is essentially a pre-install question:

1) Are there any issues we need to be aware of when integrating these two plugins on the same WP install?

2) We do understand that these are separate plugins that don't communicate between each other - but - we think that will be okay, in this case, as they will be integrated with separate Google calendars that the client maintains.

I've searched through the previous discussions on WPMU Dev and have not seen anything specific to installing these two plugins together, so it would be good to know about any other challenges that others may have encountered with this approach.

Thanks in advance.